Just published! Check out my most recent paper:

Weinberg, Jill, Laura Beth Nielsen, and Kat Albrecht. 2019. “The Deserving Worker: Decisions about Workplace Accommodation by Judges and Laypeople.” Law & Policy.


Take a look at some of my recent work: Economic insecurity and the rise in gun violence at US schools.

This paper by A.R. Pah, J. Hagan, A. L. Jennings, A. Jain, K. Albrecht, A. J. Hockenberry & L. A. N. Amaral (2017) investigates the relationship between US unemployment and trends in shootings and schools. Here we expand the study of school shootings by building a consensus dataset including types of school shootings that extend beyond the typical classification. We also employ a variety of sophisticated statistical methods.


Current Projects: investigating the effects of systematic non-random error on un-balanced data, evaluating how data distortions affect housing decisions, testing exogenous interventions on death outcomes.

(Header Photo: luckey_sun/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0)
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