Check out my writing on TSP

The intention of this blog is to provide some insight on my journey into computational social science. However, I wanted to take a moment to point to some of my previous writing in accessible sociology and to acknowledge the important work undertaken by The Society Pages (TSP).

The Society Pages is an open access resource for academics and broader audiences. Housed in the sociology department at the University of Minnesota, it consists of in-house articles, blogs, podcasts, their “Community Pages”, and content produced by their partners.

My own experience at TSP was overwhelmingly positive. As an undergraduate student they gave me an unprecedented look at how sociology could become more visible and more impactful. Writing for an audience outside of academia is a completely different task. It requires several things not always required in the academy: brevity, clarity, and a little bit of sass.

Throughout my time as an intern I was fortunate to write for the Clippings section. You can see my contribution to TSP here on my author page.



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